Absolute Defense, Chapter 001 [En]

Enjoy the second chapter of Absolute Defense~

Honestly, I don’t know any story similar to mine. I hope I’m not copying someone’s story…

The idea of this is story is purely by me, with a lil bit influence from another LN/WN.

I think I’ll take my time building the story itself, no rush~

Oh yeah, please give me critics and suggestions~<


Chapter 001 – The Incident at The Bank

I’m Takagami Ikki, half Japanese Half Indonesian, and I’m dead.


It’s because my body is full of holes.

What is the cause of it?

Well, I’ll tell you right now.


It all began when I and my childhood friends are shopping together in a certain shopping mall in a certain prefecture in Japan.

“Oi Takagami, why are you so late?”

“I’m sorry, I’m overslept.”

“Geez… c’mon, Kiyama and others are waiting in the food court.”

“Uhh… okay then, let’s go!”

The ones who are waiting me right here is one of my childhood friend; her name is Ichiru Chiyo. Written as Sendai, read as Chiyo. Her face is somewhat round and cute with her hair tied in the right side of her hair. Her hair and eyes color are hazelnut, it reminds me of a gingko leaf in fall season, although the leaf is lighter colored than her hair, but the feeling of calmness are there.

We leave the meeting spot and go to where the others are waiting.

My only male childhood friend are giving me the glare, it seems he is the earliest person arriving in this mall.

His name is Kiyama Itsuki, His hair is raven black like mine, his eyes are black same with his hair and it’s giving an aura of playfulness. Although he is always kind and forgiving, but when he is angry, he is scarier than any horror movies’ antagonist. I’ve seen him beating the shit out of some punks because they’re teasing a middle schooler girl. Well, he’s a black belt in Karate, Jujitsu, Kendo and Judo, so it isn’t strange if he is on the winning side.

I’ve practiced kendo sometimes before, but I stopped midway because I want to indulge myself in gaming, I’m not a shut-in though, I have friends.

“Sorry Itsuki-chan, I’m playing net-game till late night, so it can’t be helped.”

“Can’t be helped my ass! You’re the one who planned this. And yet, you’re the last one arriving, I have been waiting, like, one and half hour you know!”

Wow, he’s angrier than I thought, but nothing that can’t be solved by food. I guess I’ll treat everyone later. My wallet is fat enough in these past months, so it’s okay to spend it leisurely.

“I’ll treat all of you later, so forgive me please?”


The two girls beside him answered in unison.

Their name is Yamakawa Rina and Mochizuki Kiriha. Yamakawa sat in the right side of Itsuki, and Mochizuki sat on the left side of Itsuki.

Yamakawa Rina has a diligent student face, her raven black long hair and sea blue eyes are giving a calm aura. With her silver rim glasses is adding to her beauty. She is somewhat clumsy, but she not at the level of a certain teacher in a certain ecchi manga. Her personality is kind; you’ll never hate her no matter what. If you do hate her, then you’re not a normal person.

In contrast to Yamakawa, Mochizuki Kiriha is an Eccentric girl. Her small stature and petite body is giving her the feeling of small animal. She has golden blond hair tied in twintails and silver-ish green eyes, somewhat a rare combination. Well she’s half like me; in fact anyone except Itsuki is Half Japanese. She’s our mood maker and always laughing and smiling no matter what. Except when you mention her miserable chest, then you’re going to be fine.

If others’ looked at them from afar, surely they’ll something like “Riajuu, go explode!” or something along these lines. But it’s not like that; we don’t have that kind of relationship against each other. We’re just best friends, although the girls and boys ratio is 3:2, we didn’t care that much.

“Well, if Ikki-cchi says so, there’s no problem, right? Right?”

The one who spoke is Mochizuki, she likes to call us with nicknames, and don’t bother with anyone’s protests, and in the end we gave up.

She calls Ichiru, Chittan; Yamakawa, Rin-Rin; and Itsuki, Itsu-cchi.

We call each other with our family name, but without the honorifics. But I call Itsuki with his given name because he is the only male person in our group beside me. Yamakawa in the other hand didn’t drop the honorific when addressing us males.

It’s our habit to hang out during the weekends. Usually we hang around in a café near the entrance, but today we’re going to try something different, like that cake shop that has been opening recently.

I treat them just one serving of whatever cake they like, and it seems they’re rather enthusiastic. If I treat them everything, I’ll be broken in a blink of an eye. And if that happens, my breakfast, lunch and dinner will consist only instant noodles. Wait… I wouldn’t have any lunch at all if that happens.

Itsuki isn’t angry with me anymore it seems, his face is smiling right now. He is unexpectedly a sweet tooth.

Although the two of us have different characteristic, we are getting along nicely. He is a strict and discipline person who doesn’t tolerate any lateness and I’m a procrastinator who simply likes lazing around, it’s completely opposite right?

We talk a lot. We discuss the latest trends, anime, manga, novels, game, and whatever we find interest to. We stayed at the cake shop for two hours, and then begin shopping although mostly of it are window shopping, we still enjoy it. The girls are shopping in clothes store; it seems they want to buy new swimsuits. I on the other hand, was browsing through the latest games, and then proceed to a book store to buy some light novels. Itsuki is just tagging along, but he bought some novels too.

After that, we meet at destination point, and go home together. But before going home, we accompany Yamakawa to a bank. She wants to transfer some money to her grandparents, what an admirable granddaughter they have.

We arrived at the bank. The entrance is of course guarded and we get examined with some kind of rod, I don’t know what its name though.

She draws paper with number in it from some kind of machine and then sat beside us.

There are a lot of people waiting; it’s going to be a while till Yamakawa’s turn. We talked a lot during the waiting period. We talked about Yamakawa’s grandparents and some stories when she visits them during summer vacation.

We happily converse until we heard a loud bang.


It’s not a gunshot, but a smashing sound. Some masked guys which seem to be bank robbers smashing on some glass ornaments.

“Everyone freeze and get down! And you, don’t you dare to touch the alarm!”

The leader warns the bank tellers; they’re frightened by his intimidating voice.

And then they took Mochizuki and Ichiru as their hostages, I’m shaking from fear because of that.

I thought, “Where the hell are the guards?”

But it seems that the guards get drugged and now is unconscious. And now, they are lying on the corner while being tied together.

The leader commands the staff to put all of the bank’s money on the bag they carry while some guys are in charge of collecting valuable stuff from the visitors.

When they ask Yamakawa to give them her money, Yamakawa rejects them. Of course it isn’t without a reason. The money she’s holding right now are needed to pay hospital bills of his grandfather, who has been hospitalized recently due to some illness, I don’t know what illness it is, because I couldn’t ask it.

Of course when they heard Yamakawa’s desperate plea, they don’t listen, and suddenly one of them said.

“Shut up bitch! We don’t care about your dying old man! Give this damn money to us!”

“N-No! I need them!”

“Che, you’re too noisy! Let’s make them learns when they oppose us.”

One of the man points out his semi-automatic handgun to her head; the distance between Yamakawa and him are 5 meters. It seems they want to shot her; they don’t have any mercy towards a girl.

I quickly jump between them, interrupting the bullet’s trajectory.

*Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu*

He’s pressing the trigger. That handgun model is M1911 if I’m not wrong; however, because a silencer or suppressor is attached on the tip of its muzzle, the firing sound gets softer instead. Everyone present can hear it though, and they are terrified by the scene.

I managed to block it in time. But because I face my back towards him, my back’s right shoulder got hit by the three bullets instead. Fortunately, they’re not hitting the same place and didn’t pierce through.

Yamakawa shrieks when she sees me covering her. Her eyes become muddy and tears beginning to form.

She released the money she was holding and come to my side.

“Ta-Takagami-kun, a-are you alright?”

Of course I’m not, you ditzy. I wanna be a cool guy in front of someone I like, you know? It’s not you though. But nevertheless, I’ll protect anyone I consider my dearest. Friends or family, it doesn’t matter as long as they’re safe and sound. You’re my friend so I’ll protect you.

“To be honest, it’s hurt as hell you know?”

“Geez, do-don’t be too honest! I’m more worried now!”

She retorts my reply; we’re in the middle of crisis you know?

I think it’s not my place to say it either.

She begins to cry; my clothes become wet because of it.

All of my friends are frightened when they see my body bathed in red. The horror on their face is the sign of them being paralyzed from fear.

“You saved your girlfriend? And you’ll live happily ever after.”

When he says Yamakawa is my girlfriend, Yamakawa’s face suddenly gotten redder. Is he concerned about it, or my wounds? I don’t know, it seems to be both. And then the guy spits and continues.

“Che… for fuck’s sake! Get done with—“

“Hey Rat, we’re done here. Quick, get in the van! We’re leaving!”

“Geez, alright alright.”

“No need to repeat yourself, oi!.”

“You’re not my mom, shithead!”

“I’ll kick your ass later Rat!”

They walk to the center of the bank’s lobby, discussing something.

I tried to get up and sit. Kawayama and Itsuki tried to stop me, but I told them I’m fine.

And then one of them, the one who called Rat spoke.

“As for the parting gift, I’ll let one of the hostages live.”

The fuck is he saying?

He tossed both Ichiru and Mochizuki as he speaks, and then he points his M1911 on Ichiru.

“Bye sweetie~.”

I tried to stand and protecting her.

*Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Pshyu* *Phsyu*

Seven shots, it seems he reloaded his M1911 when he discusses something with his companions before.

“Oh… what a heroic act you have done. I’m entertained.”

While I’m staggering because I have been shot multiple times, they give me applause and then laughs.

“It seems today’s casualties is just one person, it broke our past “lowest casualties” record.”

“Enough of that Rat, I’m entertained too. But the blues are on the way.”

“Okay Boss! See you in the after-life, kiddo.”

They left the scene.  And then I fall on my knees, and then on my back.

My field of view has become hazy.

And now I’m surrounded by people.

“Call ambulances quickly!”

“Give him some space! He is suffocating.”

“Hang on boy, the ambulance will arrive soon.”

Various voices are heard. But as time proceeds, the voices become quieter and softer. It seems my consciousness is fading away.

“Don’t you dare to fall sleep, Ikki!”

Surprisingly, the one who made me regain my consciousness is Ichiru.

“I-I’m glad you’re okay.”

I can barely let out my voice. I’m smiling right now, to ensure everyone’s feeling, but I think I’ll die soon.

“I’m sorry Ikki, if I had been more courageous as you. You wouldn’t be like this.”

Shut up Itsuki! If you’re in my position, surely I’ll felt the same as you. So for now, I want you to protect them instead.

“Hang on Ikki-cchi! We’ll eat more cakes together right? You’ll going to treat me ice cream again, right?”

“Takagami-kun, hang on for me please.”

I smiled at them. But I can’t fight the sleepiness that attacked me; unconsciously, I slowly shut my eyes.

“Stupid Ikki, don’t die yet! I love you! Please don’t die!”

The one who shout this time is none other than Ichiru.

Ah so, it’s like that? She has the same feeling as me? We love each other mutually, but we can’t convey it to each other. What a shame, I can’t confess to her earlier.

I squished all of my power, and then succeeded in saying a few words.

“I love you too, be- happy- for- me-“

I shut my eyes, it feels like someone is pulling my consciousness away. And then I realized; I’m officially dead now.


And that’s how it’s all happened.

-To be continued-

Skit:What kind of story is this?

“I’m dead at my first appearance in this novel? Explain yourself Author!”

「Well, this is that kind of novel after all.」

“Don’t tell me this is a horror or supernatural kind of novel?”

「Of course not! It’s a reincarnation story where the main character receives cheat skills. Reincarnation novel the most amazing kind of novel!」

“I’m sure it’s just your preferences.”

「No! my preferences are legal loli with big boobs, well I like anything that has boobs except manboobs! 」

“Police! We have criminal here!”

「It’s legal girl, I’m not talking about underage girl here!」

“Yeah sir, that guy over there.”


“Be sure to throw him into a sturdy jail.”

「No sir, you’re mistaken, I’m talking about my petite girlfriend, yeah… please don’t throw me into jail. My bottom won’t be safe there! 」

“Rest in Peace, Amen.”

「I’m not dead Oi!」

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