Absolute Defense, Chapter 003 [En]

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Chapter 003 – Cheat?

“… So, what’s my cheat?”

I asked him, grinning.

Of course I’m grinning. It’s because it’s the template you know?

You died, god revives you, you face him, he gives unreasonable demands and gives you cheats. That’s the template when someone’s revived in another world. At least that was what I know from light novels I’ve been reading.

“Oh~ you jump straight to the deals eh? I like you already~”

He smiled when he said that, and then he continues,

“I’ll give you one wish for your cheat, just tell me what power you want~”

Hmmm, so it’s like that, okay I’ll wish something…

“Oh, before that, what is magic? Can I use it?”

“Hm~, magic is magic; and of course you can use it.”

What I want is explanation!

And then, as if he can read my mind… wait, of course he can! He began to slowly raise his right hand and chanted a magic aria.

“Oh I haven’t explained how magic works am I?”

“Ye-Yes.” And then I nodded at him.

“Although you’re one step closer to be a wizard.”

“Come again?!”

“You’re a virgin and doesn’t have a girlfriend, just another 14 years and you can be a full pledge wizard.”

“Don’t easily believe that kind of shady myth! And I have a girlfriend! Just ‘close enough to have a girlfriend’ actually.”

Shit, I remember the last time I see her… and I’m tired okay, please don’t make me retort anymore, damn you Cael-kamisama!

“Okay, Magic works like this. 【Distort and inflict fear! «Space Distortion»】.”

Suddenly an almost transparent geometric pattern appeared in his right hand, and the space around it is distorted.

“I can do this chantless and with just the trigger word actually.”

Wait a minute; I don’t get it at all!

“Uh, can you explain it again?”

“Hmhm~, let’s just say that magic depends on your imagination; if your image is clearer, and if you can explain why it happens like that, the result will be better.”

Oh, it’s like when I created a fire, a fire is something that burns right? It’s simple.

“Can I try?”

“Sure~ go ahead.”

I imagine a fire. A fire is something that burns, at least that what general people are thinking, right?

Nothing happens?!

I turn my gaze to Cael-kamisama, and ask ‘why’ with my eye.

“Oh, you didn’t chant an aria, or chant a [Trigger Words]. That’s probably it.”

Say it earlier! Ugh, whatever, I’ll ask what’s [Trigger Words] is.

“A [Trigger Words]?”

“Yes!~ When you cast magic, you must chant the aria and the [Trigger Words], or just the [Trigger Words]. You can omit this part and do chantless magic when you have a certain skill or understand how flow of mana and magic works…”

I nodded at his explanation.

“… When you chant an aria, it helps you imagine the magic clearer, like for example: 【Become fire that burns «Flame»】”

When he chanted, a small red geometric pattern appeared. When he finished chanting a fire appeared on top of the geometric pattern.

“Aria is the chant that make the magic gate appeared; It’s that geometric pattern. You can place the geometric pattern 1 meter around you. If you become proficient enough, you can increase its range up to 50 meter.

Or you can just chant the [Trigger Words] and cast it, but it needs more clearer image than the former one. It’s a bit difficult because you need to imagine the magic inside your head and concentrating the flow of your mana to fuel its power. Let me show you, 【«Flame»】.”

Just like that, he casted the same magic on his left hand without geometric pattern appeared.

“You see there’s no [Rune] right? That’s because when I chant the [Trigger Words], I used my body as replacement for the [Rune].”

So that geometric pattern is a [Rune] huh?

“And before you try it out again, I’ll tell you about the elements.”

Oh yeah, the elements, it’s the same as any other RPG or LN right? Can I choose the “skip tutorial” function?

“… The elements are divided by several categories, the first is [Natural Elements], It consist of the common elements like [Fire], [Earth], [Wind], and [Water]. The second is [Spiritual Elements], like [Holy], [Darkness], and [Spirit].

[Holy] magic is commonly used by my little sister Vitaesperita’s follower, the Light Church. [Darkness] magic by my little brother Perumegeo’s follower, the Demon race. And [Spirit] magic by [The People of the Nature] or the Demi-humans, though they hate to be called as such; just call them [Natura].

Basically the three of the [Spiritual Elements] is the basis of this world religion. Human race worship Vitae-chan, the Goddess of Vitality. While the Demon race worship Geo-kun, the God of War. And the Naturas worship the spirits which is my servants, but sadly, they don’t know me. Well I don’t care anyway.”

And like that, he explains the setti— I mean, the magic system.

And then he continues.

“… Spirits is my servants, while my sibling has their own spirits but mine is rather unique. My servants are of the nature elements. Like Fire, Flamma-chi.”

When he calls their name with a finger snap, a girl shows off.

A Girl with fiery red hair in twintails with height around 170cm with a busty chest and a maid outfit.

Well she’s literally a servant.

“Yes my lord, is there something that I can help my lord with?”

She answer him in monotonous voice.

Wait, is she a Kuu? Usually girls with a twintails and red hair is a tsun. My common sense is crumbling!

“I just want to call you, tee~hee~”


Me and Flamma-san went silent give him the “look”. We’re in sync already?

“… Ehem. Well I have other servants like Bumi of the [Earth], Bayu of the [Wind], and Levia of the [Water].”

He told me the name his other servants. Honestly I want to meet them.

“The other kinds of spirit beside mine is often called Familiar. The familiar of [Holy] elements usually help their master with support magic, while the [Darkness] elemental familiar help with attack magic.”

Oh, so there’s familiar system too?

“They can use [Natural Elements] too. The [Darkness] Familiar or Dax uses the attack magic of the [Nature Elements] it possessed, while the Holy Familiar or L’Arc uses the support magic of the [Nature Elements]. Although they can possess several elements from the [Nature Elements], it’s inferior than the element possessed by [Nature] elemental spirits which governed by my servants.”


“Oh, all of my servants, four of them is Emperor ranked. And they governed all the [Nature Element] spirits below them. You can say that L’Arcs and Daxes is ‘Jack of all trade, master of none’ while [Nature] Elemental spirits or just [Spirits] excel at their own element.”

After he explained that with a face that says “I’m satisfied now”, Flamma-san said something.

“Uh, my lord, sorry I don’t mean to be rude but… can I go now?”

“It’s okay~ You can go after you give this boy your blessing, alright?”

“Give this sorry excuse of a man my blessing?”

“Well he is, but he is my guest, can you be a little less rude?”

Good job for being too honest, Kamisama!

“I’m sorry my lord, but my lord knows the rules right? Someone who wants the [Spirit Emperors]’ blessing must pass the test.”

“Make him an exception, just a bonus from me because I like him.”

Spare me from BL please.


She answered briefly and with a poker face.

After that, she approached me and place her hand in my chest, of course she doesn’t touch it.

“【O the chosen one, thy have passed the test and have been pleasing me. I’ll grant you my blessing that will help you in your journey searching your purpose in life «Flamma’s Blessing»】.”

Her hand then enveloped by bright lights.

“Wha-What happens?”

“I granted you my blessing, be thankful for that.”

“Eh? Ah… tha-thank you very much.”

I unconsciously bowed.

“Then my lord, I’ll excuse myself.”

With a flame engulfing her whole body as if eating her, she disappeared. Awesome!

“Uhh, what did she mean by blessing, Cael-kamisama?

“It means that you can use [Fire] elemental magic with full effectiveness. You can convert any elemental magic mana to [Fire Mana] effectively.”

“Wait? Does the MP divided by elements?!”

“Yess~ There’s five mana elements. [Fire Mana], [Earth Mana], [Wind Mana], [Water Mana], and [Pure Mana]. If you have for example 100 total amount of MP, You’ll have either one kind of mana, or all of them. The kind of mana depends on what your body has absorbed. For example, you can have 40% [Fire Mana], 10% [Earth Mana], 30% [Wind Mana], 5% [Water Mana], and 15% [Pure Mana] from the total remaining of your MP reserve.”

“Why don’t you tell me earlier?”

“I forgot~ teehee~”

Sigh, what will happen if I don’t even know it?

“To convert mana, you must know their compatibility. For example, if you convert other mana to [Fire Mana] from [Earth Mana] or [Wind Mana] you’ll need at least 50% of the total amount you want to convert. While for [Water Mana] you’ll need about 75% more of it. But for [Pure Mana], you’ll just 25% of it.

Take this for example, you need 100 MP of [Fire Mana] but you only had [Water Mana] left. To convert [Water Mana] to [Fire Mana], you need 75% more [Water Mana] than the total amount of [Fire Mana] you want to convert. So it’s not 100 [Fire Mana] = 100 [Water Mana], but 100 [Fire Mana] = 175 [Water Mana] instead.”

“Eeeh… the cost is too expensive.”

“Well, because you got «Flamma’s Blessing» the cost for converting mana has been lessened~.”

“Ah, I’m glad to hear that.”

“It’s the end of my explanation~. So~ do you have decided, what’s your wish? Skill perhaps? Or Equipment?”

I want to be stronger so that I can protect anyone who are dear to me, to protect my friends. But the real question is, should I pick defense related skill, attack related skill, or magic related skill?

Equipment? It’s not on my wish list. I mean what if my equipment got lost in some accident, or got stolen by someone, it could be the end for me.

If I pick defense related skill, that mean I can protect myself and someone near me with something like high defense stat. But then, I wouldn’t have any fire power to fight back. If I’m on prolonged fight, but I can’t fight back. I’ll likely be exhausted and will be killed when my defense weakened. So I think it’s no go.

If I pick attack related skill, then I’ll have to say good bye with my defensive ability. I mean what can modern Japanese highschool boy do? I mean I don’t even get in a fight for once, just mock battle with my friends back in the dojo. And I don’t even win that much; with 1:10 win ratio, I could be considered a weakling. So what if I get higher firepower than my opponent if my opponent can evade it and counter attack me? Then I’ll be just a dead meat.

Magic, magic feels like a more of a safe choice. I mean, I can defend and attack with magic. I can even do ranged attack with magic so I’ll pick magic related skill. But what skill do I chose? I can choose from huge mana pool and Increase in magic power. But I think I’ll end up underestimating my opponent if my stat is high from the start. I need something that can assist me in chanting an aria, something that can make me cast defensive spell and attack spell at the same time. Maybe that?…

“Excuse me, can I ask more question before I decide on what I should wish?”

“Sure~ go ahead~”

“Can I expand my mana reserve with training?”

“Yes~ aside from leveling up, you can expand your mana by doing something magic related, like: exhausting your mana till you want to throw up, converting and re-converting your mana element, and meditating.”

“What a relief. Then, what If I wish [Fire] Magic? Do I get [Fire] Magic at intermediate level, or master level?”

“Well, a god granted you a wish (cheat), of course you’ll get above normal people, or even at MAX level.”

I nodded in understanding, then I continued to ask him again.

“What is the counter stop of a skill?”

“50 is the Max level. The level divided by 5 stage, Beginner (level 1 – 10), Amateur (level 11 – 20), Intermediate (level 21 – 30), Advanced (level 31 – 40), and Master (level 41 – 50).

Talented people usually could advance till Advanced stage around level 33 while they are 17 years old. While untalented people can only advance till Amateur Stage.”

“Hmm, thanks for the explanations. I’ve decided what I wished for.”

-To be continued-

Skit: What Cheat?.

“So what cheat are you gonna wish for Ikki-cchi?”

“Dunno, ask the author… don’t ask me! I haven’t read the script yet.”

“There’s a script? I though the author just writes whenever something pop-out in his mind.”

“Un, it’s like that after all, no doubt about it.”

“You realized that now?”

「Don’t complain you guys! I’ll cut off your screen time next chapter! 」

““Please don’t, I’m sorry.””

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