Lv. 2 Cheat, Chapter 000.2

Enjoy the second release of Lv. 2 Cheat. I honestly have trouble with some sentence, so when there’s irregularity, tell me okay

Note: Note that this translation is MTL, and there’s no way I’m fluent in Japanese.  I cannot guarantee it’s accurateness, and a lot of lines is left to my poor interpretation. Also my grammar skill sucks, this translation is absolutely has flaws like weird wording.

Chapter 000.2 – Driven Out.

According to the shrine maiden’s explanation.
A person that isn’t judged to be a brave man will be returned to his original over the day of the summoning.

Because the gate to that person original world will close within a day.


And now the third day since he was summoned.


After that,

The investigation revealed that because of the joy of successfully summoned a Hero, everyone who’s in charge forgot about him. Normally Banaza had to be sent to his former world. It turned out to be completely forgotten.

Though he asks all of the summoning specialist, it is said that a way to return Banaza to his former world is no longer available.

The gate to his former world has closed. There exist gates to several parallel universes that is not less than the stars in the sky. The gate to his former world is, Impossible to detect.


Several hours later.

Banaza goes to the throne to get an audience with this kingdom’s King.

His aide conveyed the words from the King.
(TLN: Need help? “彼の側近から、王の言葉として伝えられたのは”)


All of this is mater is entirely the Kingdom of magic Clayroad’s fault. From the bottom of their hearts, they apologized. They gave him the special permission to live his life in this world.

However, he is forbidden to live in this town. He only permitted to build a house in the northern of the town, in Darabeza forest.

Going in and out of the town is permitted. However, to disclose this case is prohibited.

As an apology to their dignity, they gave him 100,000,000 Belia and necessary materials/equipment for living.


That’s roughly for the most part.


When the audience was over, Banaza is taken to the carriage. It has been decided that he will leave the capital.


This is, a nice way of driving off an unnecessary person; Banaza understand that. It’s too late and he is on resignation mode already. In the middle of the way to the wagon, he decided to ask the maid who is also the manager of the forest.


What she said is.

Darabeza forest is an undeveloped forest where it takes more than 20 days from the capital.

Monster and demi-humans lives there, but there are no human villages.

“It’s a region that we don’t understand too well either, so how about finding it yourself?”

And like that, the maid was smiling sweetly.


… … this is how to be told please move and die feels like isn’t it?
(TLN:  ……これって、ようはのたれ死ねっていってるようなものだよね Help?)


It’s obvious that it is what the Kingdom of Magic Clayroad is aiming, Banaza sighing deeply.

Certainly, although this is what’s the kingdom thinks regarding a person who is a burden, this is selfish. Beside it’s their fault he can no longer return to his former world.


‘A little more, there might be something I can ask… At least, is it possible to get sheltered in the castle.’


Such though is floated in his mind. But if he does it unskilfully, he could be confined in the castle’s underground jail until he dies. If there’s still freedom, he thought this is might be better.


20 days later.

“Well then Banaza-sama, I will excuse myself.”

The wagon drops off Banaza in a meadow before the forest. They give Banaza a greeting and turned back in a hurry.


It’s called a Magic bag. It looks like a small bag, but somehow it can store something as an average repository, possibly a magic item. Conveniently a small armour can be taken from it.
(TLN: There’s no missing sentence here, the author just decided to move on and explains the magic bag 😛 )


When he confirms what’s the inside of his magic bag, the list is displayed in front of him.


Item Name



Money 100,000,000 Belia The currency of Kingdom of Magic Clayroad
House Building Magic 1 set It’s possible to establish a house wherever the user desire (Remodelling, retrieval and reinstallation is possible | Magic Item)
Permanent Water Pouch 2 Pouch A bag (Magic Item) that can procure water permanently
(TLN the bag is read as “Magic Item”)
Simple Preserved Foods 99 Foods Preserved food (can be eaten as it is)
(TLN: Duh.)
Clothes 20 Clothes A set of clothes (Common clothes of Kingdom of Magic Clayroad citizen)
Armor Set 8 Set A set of Armor (3 Swordsman set, 2 Spearman set, 2 Archer set, 1 Wizard set)
Agriculture Set 3 Set A set of tools (1 lumberer set, 1 Digging Set, 1 farming set)
(TLN: 木材1・掘削1・農耕1 I might translate it wrong. if you have any suggestion, please leave it in the comment section below)


For the time being, because I’m able to build a house immediately, I wouldn’t have any trouble with where I should reside. I have preserved foods and waters, so it’s a relief that I shouldn’t worry about food and drinks for a little while. I close the window of the magic bag that has been displayed. And before my eyes I see a Slime approaching by.


“Hmm… I can do nothing but to fight this… eh?”


If it’s possible, Banaza wants to avoid it.

‘Back at my former world I’ve always leave the fight to the mercenary I’ve hired, so I’ve never been into fight myself.’

‘As for this place, there’s no one who would want to save me.’

‘Moreover, that slime glanced here and obviously held hostility towards me. At any time soon it would leap and attack me.’


Banaza resolved himself, he take out sword and buckler from his magic bag, and then pose a guarding stance.
(TLN: It’s like fighting stance, but focuses more on guarding.)


Though Banaza was quite tense, the fight ended quite fast.

When the Slime leap towards him, he swings the sword. The slime ended up dead with just one blow.


“Good… It ends quite easily…”

Banaza sat down on the floor, relieved.


Suddenly, a screen opened in front of him.


Some time ago, he checked the magic bag’s confirmation window which is similar as this. That window is spread before his eyes. But this time there’s no content of the magic bag, but to tell that he gained a level up.


Banaza who is seeing the display, frowned.


Level: 2


“I understand that my level has gone up, but…. What is this? This number that is look like a number 8 lying down symbol…”
(TLN: Note that Banaza is from a different world different from Earth, so he didn’t recognize that symbol)


This time, Banaza didn’t notice it.

That this symbol [∞] is the mark of “Impossible to display because of the upper limit breakthrough”.


He, when he was just a Level 1, just only had the ability of an average adult in this world. Because his level has been raised into 2, all his abilities transcended over the hero completely.

This is because the divine protection he received from the god when he got summoned.


But, he didn’t notice it at all yet.


-To be continue-

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