LV. 2 Cheat, Chapter 000.1

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LV. 2 Cheat piqued my interest, so I started translating it. It have a few kanji (I hope the later chapters is like that too) so it’s easy to translate.

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Note: Note that this translation is MTL, and there’s no way I’m fluent in Japanese.  I cannot guarantee it’s accurateness, and a lot of lines is left to my poor interpretation. Also my grammar skill sucks, this translation is absolutely has flaws like weird wording. Don’t bash me. If you want a better translation, do it yourself (or make someone who is better than me do it for you). I’ll gladly give the rights (lol) translating this series to you (and please update regularly 😛 ).

Chapter 000.1 – Summoning.

Imperial Capital Parma.

It’s a capital of the fantasy world where there are sword and magic, sub-race and demi-humans, and monster exist.
(TLN: 人種と亜人 help with this. Jinshuu to ajin? Maybe the author means that demi-human is beast race (probably kobold? or Kemonomimi?) and sub-race is elf and dwarf (any humanoid creature that is pretty close to human)?)


In a certain part of Imperial Capital Parma, at the Spade commercial firm’s package loading ground, he, Banaza is checking the packages in one of the wagon.


“Banaza-san, how many box should I pile up here?”

“E~tto, that wagon is bound to the frontier town Batkon … … Just 3 boxes more before they can depart.”

With the documents in his hands, Banaza gives instruction while checking the contents of the wagon.


Although he is still young he has been entrusted with management of package loading ground (here), from morning till evening sending wagon. Every day he had a staring contest with documents. As a person in charge of management who do trading related work, he naturally like it. He didn’t particularly have any dissatisfaction. Every day his life feels completed.


“Now… is it convenience to depart sooner in the morning I wonder?”

When they finished loading and the packages into the wagon and checking it once again, Banaza nods in satisfaction.

“Then, when you finished checking the package this afternoon, shall we eat lunch together?”

While saying so, he looked up from the documents.




“The summoning of 198th hero candidate succeeded.”


…. Yes?


Banaza was stunned by the current situation different from the Spade commercial firm’s package loading ground that should be here until recently.

“O the Hero candidate, please come this way.”
(TLN: I don’t know how to make this line more polite.)

Although he saw a shrine maiden with particular way of speaking in front of him, he can’t seem to understand the situation he was in. Although he himself is able to understood what she meant, he’s keep standing still in the place.


The place he is right now is appear to be an altar with many priest with mage-like appearance surrounding him. They keep chanting some sort of magic.

This altar seems to be inside a rather big building. Several stained glass shined with sunlight, it wasn’t possible to look all of the details.


“Hero candidate, the next candidate will be summoned soon. Please come here quickly.”

The shrine maiden short while ago leads Banaza, which was looking around, by his hand and leads him down from the top of magic formation while dumbfounded.


“Hero candidate, thank you very much for answering the call of our Magic Kingdom Clayroad this time.

It’ll be at once you can receive an ability measurement.”



‘Did I… answer it?’


Banaza is confused by the shrine maiden’s words.

“It seems you are confused. Then I’ll explain about the measurement briefly.”

When saying so, the shrine maiden starts the explanation while guiding Banaza.


According to the shrine maiden’s explanation.
This place, Magic Kingdom Clayroad is a different world from the world Banaza has lived before.

In this world exist Demon Lord. As of now, this world is exposed to the invasion of the Demon king.
In order to subdue the Demon king, we summoned Heroes from different worlds who possess the ability to oppose his invasion, she said.
Why does they have to summon a person from different world? It seems that by the divine protection of the god, they possess ability far above a normal person in this world. It is even said that it’s higher than any strong men in this world.


“More than 100 years ago, Hero who had been summoned here, when they have just been summoned were level 1. Their Strength, defense, agility, magic power, and HP, the 5 main entry value is 999.”
(Originally “entry” is translated as “item”, should I make it “status” instead”?)

When the value of the average 4 entry is 10, when the level rose, their numerical value also rose.

It is said that it is impossible to attain every value at 999 at level 1, unless there’s a miracle.

When the level is going up, the numerical value rises steadily too. It is said that to be able to raise it is impressive.


‘… That means, why was I summoned to begin with?’

He, who was just a mere merchant in his former worlds, feels odd on the first part and tilt his head.

“It is said that the power is kept hidden inside the body. I myself doesn’t understand. Now, please put your hands in this crystal.”

There’s was a table which the shrine maiden shown to me by hand earlier. The height is around the waist and there’s a blue crystal put on top of it. It emits a divine light.

The shrine maiden respectfully bowed and then looked into the crystal.


“… … Huh?”


The shrine maiden blinked with surprise, she then rubs her own eyes once.

Then, Banaza looks into the crystal for the second time.


“… … How did this happen? … …”


While hearing the shrine maiden’s word, Banaza has already understand the meaning of it.

Banaza also saw the number which floats on the crystal where he puts his hands to.


Level: 1
Strength: 9
Defense: 8
Agility: 6
Magic: 1
HP: 10


From the shrine maiden’s explanation from a short while ago, it’s seems that the numerical value is almost the same as an adult male of this world.

“There’s no trace of level revision by the God… … That… … such case, it’s the first time.”

When the shrine maiden’s bewilderment is noticed by the mages, they gather around.

They, when they see the numerical value of Banaza’s status, they thoroughly perplexed and then begin to whisper against each other in a low voice.


At that time.


“Ah! It’s wonderful! We have summoned a person who is equal to the legendary hero!”

Banaza immediately directed his gaze across, there’s a person holding the same crystal as him.

Different with the shrine maiden that summoned Banaza, the shrine maiden that summoned that person is crying tears of gratitude.


In that person’s crystal is:

Level: 1
Strength: 999
Defense: 999
Agility: 999
Magic: 999
HP: 999


That is the numerical value that has been displayed in the crystal.

From the shrine maiden’s explanations before. It is said that that person holds the same numerical value as the hero which was summoned 100 years ago, when he is level 1.


That person who was in front of crystal has a robust body and wrapped in a gorgeous armour. Banaza can imagine that this person is a knight from a country somewhere.

A long golden hair and a pair of almond eyes. A man that possess a beautiful face that can even charm another man.

“So it’s like that…. I have been summoned as a hero to save this world.”

“Yes lord Hero! Please save us!”


When Banaza is unaware, even the shrine maiden who is in front of Banaza ran to the blonde knight while letting shout of joy.

Banaza give a sidelong glance towards the situation while he stood dumbfounded.




After this event, they going to held a grand banquet in the castle called “The birth of a Hero”.


Although there’s no one invited Banaza, he also goes with them without someone giving him direction. It can’t be helped that in the banquet he goes into the corner of dining hall to secretly eat the foods.

He tried to ask the situation from someone, and everyone reaction is:

“I’m busy with the preparation of Hero’s banquet.”

“In order to greet the Hero, I can’t do something unnecessary! Don’t disturb me!”

Not a single person hears Banaza’s words.


That grand banquet lasts for 3 days and 3 nights, and the dining hall hasn’t been closed since the first day. Banaza was also spending this period of time in the sofa in the corner of the hall.


And when the banquet is finally almost over.


Banaza found the shrine maiden who is the first one to spoke to him and explained the situation. When the shrine maiden saw his face, she staring in puzzlement. Gradually her memory is coming back and her expression turned unpleasant.

‘Aah!’ She wondered, and then,

“… You… why are you still here?”

Her face turned pale.


-To be continue-

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