Absolute Defense [English]

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Absolute Defense: Rhapsody of Another World’s Trap
Action, Adventure, Fantasy.

The death approached, but his soul get dragged somewhere else. Granted with a new life and second change.

Why the god is interested with him? He’ll never know the real reason. Getting reincarnated not as a baby but as a healthy 16 years old young man, he lives in a new world unknown to him. A world with sword and magic. Trapped in a fantasy world!

After receiving a cheat, he start his journey while pondering something.

“Now, what should I do?”

His name is Takagami Ikki, a healthy young highschool boy. How can he survive in another world? Find out more on Absolute Defense.


“Contrary to its serious synopsis. The contents sounds like a joke and nonsense combined.”

「Sh-Shut up, don’t retort me! You broke the 4th wall already!」


———— Table of Contents ————

— Volume 1 —

Arc : Fateful Meeting With God, Girls and Adventure!

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