Status, Ha

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog… hahaha :”

I’m too bussy in RL, too much assignment, and in the next month my Practical Work will start.

Lv 2 Cheat has been picked up by Aori (though it’s been a month since the last update, but hey, he have life too… and his translation is better than me, lol)

I’m still rewriting Absolute Defense. And the good new and the bad new is that I have new Idea of a novels. I’ll just give it a name for now

  1. No Magic (Genre: Fantasy, School Life, RPG-ish)
  2. World Break (Genre: Fantasy, School Life)
  3. All Fiction (Genre: Fantasy, RPG-ish)
  4. Overtech (Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi, RPG-ish)

I should feel ashamed… so much Idea, so little time, so much lazyness..

Status… Or Something Like That

Happy (belated) new year~ yay

I feel somewhat lazy this past months, lol (too distracted to write/translate, too many novel I must read. Maybe I’ll be back stuff you guys might enjoy (I doubt my WN got any readers 😛 )

I have chapter 3 of Absolute Defense under hostage almost complete, I think about 3k or 4k words more, and then some editing (I’m an OK in English, don’t expect me to be perfect)

As for Sidekick Reincarnation, I might change the plot line and change the title (too many stupid shit if it stayed like that 😛 )

Regarding the translation of TDADP (Eng -> Indonesia), I might translate it in the near future, but I think it’ll be slower, since I feel no motivation at all 😛