Absolute Defense, Chapter 004 [En]


New Episode and new character kitta~
Ikki got his new cheat. How can he survive in his second life? Find out more on Absolute Defense~

By the way, I don’t study science. So I’m not sure I describe scientific things in this chapter properly. If you can suggest me with something more appropriate, I’ll be most grateful.

And as always, I don’t guarantee that my English is perfect. There will always be flaws like weird wordings, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors. Be kind to me and point it out. I’ll fix it ASAP.

PS: I added skits to the previous chapters. You can read Skit 1, Skit 2, and Skit 3 if you want.


Chapter 004 – Deep in The Forest

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Absolute Defense, Chapter 003 [En]

It’s been three month I haven’t updated my WN…
Sorry for that… I have this thing called write(r) block.

Well whatever, enjoy my newest chapter!
And I don’t guarantee that my English is perfect~


Chapter 003 – Cheat?

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Absolute Defense, Chapter 001 [En]

Enjoy the second chapter of Absolute Defense~

Honestly, I don’t know any story similar to mine. I hope I’m not copying someone’s story…

The idea of this is story is purely by me, with a lil bit influence from another LN/WN.

I think I’ll take my time building the story itself, no rush~

Oh yeah, please give me critics and suggestions~<


Chapter 001 – The Incident at The Bank

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Absolute Defense, Chapter 000 [En]

It’s my first time to publish a story in English (because English isn’t my 1st language, so forgive me about my limited use of vocabulary and grammar), I tried my best.

I write this for entertainment and learning purpose, if you spot mistakes, please be kindly tell me and suggest me.

Please don’t flame me, I’m easily disheartened, if you don’t like my story, just leave. Don’t leave any comments.

If you wanted to give me a critics, please give me a critics that build and encourage me. Don’t give a harsh one, I probably will lose my motivation to learn (_ _)

Lastly, please enjoy my new story~


Chapter 000 – Prologue

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