Absolute Defense, Chapter 002 [En]

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Chapter 002 – Abducted by God

I woke up on top of a bed in an unfamiliar room.

I am confused, and began to observe my surrounding.

The room has a classic feels to it. It has a canopy bed which has been used by me right now. The walls are boiserie, and it’s made from some kind of high grade woods. I guess it’s an oak tree but it might be different. It’s because I don’t have any knowledge in that sort of things, so I can’t be sure of the descriptions. The furniture like chairs, tables, and wardrobe is made from high class woods too. The maker is sure have some incredible craftsmanship.

Although a bunch of game console is ruining the classic fell, it’s pretty high class overall.

While I’m observing my surrounding while deep in thought, someone’s voice is heard by my ears.

“So, you’ve woken up now sleepy head?”


The one who talked just now is a boy around middle schooler. His androgynous face is absolutely in shotacon’s strike zone. His short length layered hair is white colored and he has a heterochromia. His left eye is golden colored, while his right eye is dark blue colored. I think it’s fake because the iris and cornea on his left eye is clock shaped while the pupil is the shape of a center of a clock. The iris and cornea on his right eye is a space miniature while his pupil shaped as some kind of a star. Is he a chuunibyou?

“Hey… it’s rude! I don’t have that eight grader disease!”


“My eyes are real you know?”

And then he started to rotate the arms of the clock and blinking the star in his space miniature shaped iris.


Wow, what an amazing tricks…

Wait… did he just read my minds? What kind of sorcery is this?

“It’s not sorcery though; it’s one of the powers of the gods.”

“You’re a god?”

“Yup, although I’m different than your world’s known god, I’m genuinely a god.”

“Wait, what do you mean? Why I’m here?”

While he answering my question, he takes a chair from out of nowhere.

“I’m one of the gods in this universe, and your universe has different god. In fact all of the parallel universes have different kind of gods.”

As why you’re here, it’s because I’m interested in you.”


“Yup… Although you’re weak, you don’t hesitate to protect your friend, even if she’s not your loved one.”

“Why do you know that? It isn’t your universe, right?”

“I know because… wait, I forgot his name… well whatever. Well it’s because I have been peeking at your former world recently.  And then incidentally, I found an interesting scene. It’s where you and the bank robberies taken place.”


I’ve gone silent because I’m trying to remember the scene, I remember it bit by bit and it plays like a revolving lantern.

I wonder how they fell when they lose me, are they alright right now? I hope so.

And then I continued

“So… in other word, I’m dead?”

“Technically, yes.”

Well… that’s depressing; I can’t see their smiling faces again. Right now, my face has gotten sour and I’m beginning to sulk.

“Cheer up Ikki-cchi, You’re just in the wrong place and not at the right time.”

And then he winks his left eye at me. Is he trying to cheer me up or is he trying to be funny? He’s starting using my nickname when we first met and then he deliberately changes the phrasing in that idiom. What a weird sense of humor.

“Geez, you’re not going to laugh at one of my best jokes? You’re no fun all. And it seems you’re thinking some rude things about me again, don’t you?”

Wait… it is pun intended indeed.

“It’s because your jokes are weird and I cannot help it at all!”

I reflexively retort him. And now he is the one who is sulking. Oh god, what a weird situation… Wait… why I’m complaining to god himself while he is in front of me and he is the one who causing it? Wait… isn’t this logical?!

I’m starting to lose my SAN point right now. I’m starting to retort my own retort.

I tried to calm down, and decided to ask him a few questions.

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Yup~ ask anything you like~”

“What happened to my friends? Are they safe?”

“Well… I don’t know. Honestly, when you’re in the brink of death, I pull your soul and bring you here, into my own realm. After that incident, I don’t know what happened to them. I only could observe people in my own universe. If I want to see someone or something different universe, I need to go there myself.”

“Un, is that so. So why are you go into our universe?”

“It’s because I’m bored…”

What a straight and unreasonable answer.

“Although it’s forbidden to intrude another gods’ universe, but your world’s god is forgiving. So it’s okay~”

This god…

He does whatever he wants, does he?

What an irresponsible god.

“Hey! I can read your mind you know?”

“A-Ah, I’m sorry.”

“Well… It’s no need boy~”

Calling me boy when he just a middle schooler chuunibyou, it feels somewhat awkward.


“I’m sorry! I unconsciously retorts like that.”

I scratch my head when I said that, it’s not my fault you know? Not entirely at least.

“Geez… Well it’s also interesting though.”

And then he smiled gently at me.

“All of that things aside, why did you abdu— I mean, brought me here?”

“Oh, it’s because I want you to live in my world.”

“Your world?”

“Yeah… It’s a world where magic exist. But as a drawback, the technology isn’t advanced as your former world.”

Ah, too bad. I can’t play any online games again. And then he continues.

“Although this universe and world isn’t mine alone, the creator is still me though.”

“Wait, there’s another god who manage this world?”

“Yup, they are my little sister and little brother.”

“So what is their job?”

“Well, the two of them is worshiped in this world. My Little sister, Vitaesperita is by worshiped by the humans and demi-humans as the god that brings life and prosperities. While my little brother, Perumegeo in the other hand; is being worshiped by the demon race as their god of war.”

Oh right, I haven’t ask what is his name.

“My name is Caelesis, and I’m the one who created this world. But right now I’m working as an observer between my little sister’s and my little brother’s quarrel.”

Oh, he’s an understanding person it seems…

“Wait, what quarrel?”

“They want to prove who’s better between each other. My little sister wants humans of this world to live peacefully. But my little brother wants to conquer it.”

“What the heck?”

“Well, it’s because my brother is arrogant and have his own justice, so it can’t be helped.”

It can’t be helped my ass! You’re just didn’t bother to separate them, don’t you?


Don’t answer that oi‼

“Why wouldn’t you stop them then?”

“Well, I’m neutral you know? It wouldn’t be interesting if I side with one of them.”

This god is like an elder brother who likes to watch his younger siblings fight, isn’t he?


That’s a rhetorical question oi!

“So… if you have siblings, then where are your parents?


He averted his gaze, why can’t you answer that simple question oi!

“Actually, we can’t be born from something, we born from nothing.”

What nonsense is that?

“That’s rude, but I’ll ignore that just for you, Ikki-chi”

“Uh sorry… wait… why am I apologizing again? Arghh, whatever.”

“Then, what’s your next question?”

“Okay what about your world? What does it’s like?”

“The name of my world is Caelard.

Caelard has seven continents. The name of the central continent is Vitaerae. The majority of Vitaerae’s residents are Human. To the north of Vitaerae in the same continent as vitae is the land of Altumis or Altumis mountain range, this is the place where Avian race live. Some humans called them the angelic race, because their beauty is top notch. This race’s relationship with humans and other race is somewhat neutral, it’s because this race is ignorant about land dwellers.

To the north of Altumis lies a continent known as The Land of Eternal Ice, Esterra. No one can survive in that place, not a NORMAL person can.

In the southern hemisphere lays a vast desert with a plentiful of volcanic mountains known as Avaritums, the majority of the residents are Human race and Dwarf race.

The third continent, to the northwest of Vitaerae and separated by Aganis Sea is Naterra, this is where the elf race and Fairies lives. The Elf race is in open hostility toward most of Human race.

To the south of Naterra or southwest of Vitaerae is the land of the half-beast race. Their relationship with human race isn’t that good.

Next, to the east of the central continent is Iragea continent and Perucoiz continent, the land where demon race lives.”

“Hmm, Okay, so in this world, not just Human race, but another race exist too?”

“Yep, and my world is what your world’s people called a ‘Fantasy World’”

“So if I say I accept your offer, what’s my end? And what do you get?”

“Well, you got to live again, and I got to see interesting things”

“Uh, okay. Sounds great, so what’s my cheat?”

-To be continued-

Skit: Not Waking Up in a Template-like Setting.

“Hey Cael-kamisama. Why do I wake up in a bed? I thought I’m in a hospital you now?”

“Ask the author, I’m just dragging your soul to my realm after all~”

“Ugh, irresponsible as always. Hey author~ why are you making me wake up in a bed?”

「I’m just trying to be different you now? And I like to raise your expectation and then drop it like a bass! I like dubstep after all~.」

“I don’t ask you about your weird preferences again! And that’s not because you like dubstep, that’s because you are a let-down in real life!”

「Sigh~ I’m feeling dejected. And my butt feels sore.」

“Don’t talk about gross things!”

“…” (I’m a god but I barely have any line in this skit.)

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