Absolute Defense, Chapter 000 [En]

It’s my first time to publish a story in English (because English isn’t my 1st language, so forgive me about my limited use of vocabulary and grammar), I tried my best.

I write this for entertainment and learning purpose, if you spot mistakes, please be kindly tell me and suggest me.

Please don’t flame me, I’m easily disheartened, if you don’t like my story, just leave. Don’t leave any comments.

If you wanted to give me a critics, please give me a critics that build and encourage me. Don’t give a harsh one, I probably will lose my motivation to learn (_ _)

Lastly, please enjoy my new story~


Chapter 000 – Prologue

“Argh, boriiiiiiiing~”

A boy around middle schooler said that while rolling around in his bed.

This boy has a feature that any person, man or woman would call “cute” no matter what. He has a white hair, and a face typical of shota. Not handsome, but cute. Anyone will surely mistake him being a tomboyish girl if they don’t pay close attention to his look properly.

“Geo-cchi and Vitae-chan is busy on their own again, I don’t have anything interesting to be played~”

He starts complaining, but then, suddenly a bright idea pop out from his mind.

“Ah~, Should I go shopping then? I might found a hidden gem today~”

He gets up from bed and start skipping toward his computer.

“Hmmm, today is the sale of a new game in Japan…  Should I buy it?”

He keeps browsing till he found a bunch of interesting games, and then decided to buy them.

“I thinks it’s the best if you go shopping in person~ though I can’t order them online anyway~

I hope I’m not going to be found out by him again. He is scary when he’s mad, but at the same kind he is kind enough to forgive me.

But anyway, I’m going out~”

He walks toward a large door and then opened it.

Suddenly a bright light attacked him.

“Ahh, it’s too bright!”

He stood still until his eyes are adapted.

“Okay, 【«Divine Gate» open! Destination: □□□□□□ town, Japan, Earth】.”

He chanted something that only chuunibyou would say. But after he said that, an unbelievable phenomenon happens. A golden gate suddenly appeared in front of him. The gate gives a holy and divine aura that would impress anyone who sees it.

He then opened the gate, what await him inside the gate are the town’s view from above.

Yes, the gate appeared above the city. It’s unbelievable that a gate suddenly pop out from thin air, but no one realized it; more precisely no one can see it.

And then he suddenly leaped to the ground below.

“A leap of faith from this height is amazing!”

He said while laughing loudly. Although he said “leap of faith” it’s actually a skydiving but without any proper equipments. A normal human wouldn’t dare to fall from this height. Anyone who sees him will surely think he is a desperate person and wanted to suicide; but no one can see him yet anyway.

“Where do I land?”

He asks himself, and at the same time he said that, he spotted a park.

“That’s a nice spot, I’ll land there~”

Just like he said, he goes to the spot where there’s no one around. And then the falling stop just 30cm from the ground; it’s like he ignore the low of inertia itself.

“Yup~ Perfect~”

He’s walking around aimlessly. It felt like he’s a lost kid when you see him from afar.

“Oh I found someone interesting~”

He said while looking at a highschooler boy.

“He gives and interesting aura, I should follow him around”

The boy then decided to follow that highschooler boy around.

Unbeknown to the highschooler, this kid will be the one who changes his fate.

-To be Continued-

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