Absolute Defense, Chapter 003 [En]

It’s been three month I haven’t updated my WN…
Sorry for that… I have this thing called write(r) block.

Well whatever, enjoy my newest chapter!
And I don’t guarantee that my English is perfect~


Chapter 003 – Cheat?

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Status… Or Something Like That

Happy (belated) new year~ yay

I feel somewhat lazy this past months, lol (too distracted to write/translate, too many novel I must read. Maybe I’ll be back stuff you guys might enjoy (I doubt my WN got any readers 😛 )

I have chapter 3 of Absolute Defense under hostage almost complete, I think about 3k or 4k words more, and then some editing (I’m an OK in English, don’t expect me to be perfect)

As for Sidekick Reincarnation, I might change the plot line and change the title (too many stupid shit if it stayed like that 😛 )

Regarding the translation of TDADP (Eng -> Indonesia), I might translate it in the near future, but I think it’ll be slower, since I feel no motivation at all 😛